From Cans to NEW pots...

From aluminum cans to quality cookware

Cans from pop and beer are made of pure aluminum. When collected properly, we can use them to produce new kitchen utensils of the finest quality.

In nature, cans have a decomposition time of over 500 years, and cans do not burn at an incinerator, as aluminum first burns at 1600 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, cans have a high recycling value. We use the cans you deliver in the supermarket or at the recycling site for new SCANPAN kitchen equipment.

But before we can recycle the cans, they need to be melted down. First, they become mast flat and pressed into large balls. It makes them easier to transport. The cans are then driven to a metal factory, where they are mixed with other items of aluminum. The whole thing is melted down into large aluminum bars - each with a weight corresponding to over 500 cans - which at SCANPAN are melted down and used for casting pots and pans.

The quality of the recycled metal is at least as high as new metal. And when we at SCANPAN make kitchen utensils from used cans, we save a lot of resources in relation to extracting new aluminum. The use of recycled aluminium thus helps to minimize our - and your - overall environmental impact.