Sustainable products

Back to the roots

A strong movement against food waste and 'throw-away' culture is growing bigger and bigger. A movement that combines innovative forms of production and new recycling technologies with classic virtues.

In many ways, it is a matter of taking the best of a bygone era and combining it with new knowledge.

For SCANPAN, this is not a new movement. Throughout our history, we have stuck to our starting point and combined a constant search and curiosity for new and intelligent production methods.

For SCANPAN, sustainability is especially about the environment , quality and production . As a buyer and user of a SCANPAN aluminum pot or pan, you must be sure that we have done our best to meet the highest standards and thus contribute to a sustainable everyday life for you and a future for everyone.


Environment - recycling of aluminum

The liquid aluminum, which is poured into the mold by hand, is carefully selected, environmentally friendly and recycled. It is typically cans from soda or beer that are transformed into a quality alloy that is adapted to our quality requirements. By using recycled aluminum, we make a positive contribution to the environmental accounts, as aluminum in particular is extremely energy-intensive when it is to be extracted originally from the Bauxit soil type. 


Quality - uncompromising kitchen utensils

To ensure the high quality, user-friendliness and modern design that customers worldwide expect from SCANPAN, we have maintained the local production in Denmark.

An aluminum bucket is through human hands 8 times before it is ready to be handed over from the factory in Ryomgaard. Every single time, it is experienced employees who carry out an individual check of the subject. Only by maintaining this thorough process can we ensure that a SCANPAN pot or pan meets your and our quality requirements.

Quality also means that the life of a SCANPAN pan or pan is long. We go against the 'use and throw away' culture. Thus, our products in themselves contribute to a sustainable society.


Production - local: 'made in Denmark'

Since its inception - in 1956 - SCANPAN's popular non-stick pots and pans have been produced locally. In Ryomgaard on Djursland. Here we have maintained old craft virtues, so that every single frying pan and pot continues to be cast by our own, dedicated employees. At the same time, we have developed a high-tech process that makes SCANPAN a leader in non-stick coatings.

10 years ago we took the lead and were the first manufacturer of non-stick cookware to declare that all production processes were now totally free of the harmful substances, PFOS and PFOA (even though the deadline for phasing out PFOA was set for 2015). Today we have taken a new step into the future with the launch of the Stratanium Coating


Long live SCANPAN

SCANPAN has succeeded in creating a sustainable production, based on craft traditions complemented by the latest technologies, which in significant areas differ from the international cookware market.

The long service life of SCANPAN's products greatly contributes to the strong environmental profile associated with our cookware. And thus, SCANPAN also has a place in kitchens and homes that has taken up the fight against 'throw away culture' and 'food waste'.

Did you know that?


Recycling aluminum saves a lot of waste:

One kilo of aluminum extracted from the ground creates 85.4 kilos of waste.

One kilo of recycled aluminum, on the other hand, produces only 3.5 kilos of waste.

In addition, significantly less energy is used in the production of recycled aluminum compared to the extraction and processing of new aluminum.

So there are several good reasons to buy SCANPAN's environmentally friendly products.