Answers to a few everyday questions that we have been asked frequently.... 

Where is SCANPAN cookware made?

The majority of SCANPAN cookware is made in Denmark. The Impact, Fusion 5, Maitre D', and SCANPAN knife ranges are designed in Denmark and made to our same exacting specifications in the SCANPAN Asia factory.


What does SCANPAN mean?

The name SCANPAN is a shortened abbreviation of “Scandinavian Pan,” a reference to our Scandinavian and Danish roots.



STRATANIUM is SCANPAN’s patented PFOA/PFOS-free non-stick coating system. SCANPAN spent over two years researching and testing to create the extremely durable, high-performing STRATANIUM non-stick system, which was released in 2017, from the ground up. STRATANIUM is a 5-step system in which hard particle and wave-like layers interlock to reinforce the non-stick layer, making it metal tool safe and extremely durable.


What is the difference between STRATANIUM and STRATANIUM+?

STRATANIUM+ was tested in restaurants for over two years before it was launched to the public and was designed for professional and home cooks alike. It has a unique textured surface that offers exceptional searing abilities and is 50% more durable against heavy use than STRATANIUM.


Can SCANPAN cookware be used on induction?

Absolutely, almost every range! Haptiq, Techniq, CTX, Pro IQ, Classic Induction, Fusion 5 and Impact. The one exception is our original Classic range, which can only be used with Gas, Electric or Halogen stove-tops.  It also works fabulously on an Aga or Rangemaster.


Can SCANPAN pots go in the oven?

All our cookware (lids, handles and pans) is ovenproof to 260C.  Just watch your fingers and remember the oven glove when you take the product out of a hot oven!


Can SCANPAN pots go in the dishwasher? 

SCANPAN cookware is dishwasher safe – there will be no disasters if it sneaks in there every now and again.  However, it's well documented that over time you will dry your non-stick out if you place it in the dishwasher everyday, so we recommend hand-washing where possible.  So… our non-stick ranges (Haptiq, Techniq, CTX, Pro IQ and Classic Induction) are dishwasher safe (but not really recommended) and our stainless steel ranges (Fusion 5, Impact) can go straight in there all of the time.


Does SCANPAN cookware contain PFOA or PFOS?

SCANPAN was the first manufacturer of cookware to introduce environmentally friendly, PFOA-free non-stick products to the market, and all SCANPAN products are free from both PFOA and PFOS.


Does SCANPAN cookware contain PTFE?

While our pans are PFOA and PFOS free, they DO contain some PTFE. PTFE is the base compound for all true non-stick coatings, it is what provides the non-stick release. Departments of Public Health in Europe and the USA (including the FDA, ANSES, and EFSA) have determined that PTFE is environmentally inert, harmless to ingest, and does not chemically react with food, water or cleaning products. 

SCANPAN’s patented STRATANIUM construction provides long lasting non-stick performance. This surface is safe to use for food preparation and is FDA approved. PTFE compounds only begin to break down under excessive overheating, so when used correctly and under normal cooking conditions this ingredient is environmentally inert and completely safe for use. Even butter and cooking oils emit harmful fumes when excessively overheated, so it is important to use care when cooking no matter what kind of pans you are using. 

Our non-stick is a proprietary product used only by us called STRATANIUM. Like all SCANPAN products, STRATANIUM is required to meet some of the highest food safety standards in the world (being made in Denmark means we are subject to laws and certifications around green production and food safety that are extremely stringent), ensuring that it is safe and sustainable. 


Is SCANPAN cookware safe?

All our cookware utilises our own, special, patented non-stick.  We use a unique process of application, sealing the aluminium core of the pan away from the food that you are about to cook.  The non-stick we use is PFOA/PFOS free at every stage of the production process and has been since 2006. Our Stratanium coating offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  Our previous versions of the coating (GreenTek and NewTek) offered a ten year warranty.  Our agent in the UK can advise more on how long your existing pan coating is covered for, should you need to ask that question.


What's the best way to keep my SCANPAN cookware non-stick for life?

To prevent sticking, the cooking surface must be kept very clean. Keep your pans clean and perfectly non-stick by washing them thoroughly in warm soapy water after every use. When pans become less non-stick, the culprit is almost always stubborn residue from oils or foods that build up slowly on the surface over time, so ensuring they get scrubbed clean and dried each time you use them prevents those residues from building up in the first place. Our cast-aluminium body pans (not those that are clad in stainless-steel on the exterior) are perfectly safe to wash while they’re still hot, and in fact this will help literally steam off oils and food particles after cooking. 


What if my pan has started to stick?

In almost all cases, sticking is due to stubborn food and oil residue. Try cleaning them with a baking soda solution. First, pour water into the pan to cover the base of the pan up to about an inch high - put one tablespoon of baking soda per 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil and let boil for 5 minutes. Turn off heat and let stand 30 minutes. Clean pans. Dry all cookware right away to avoid hard water stains. You may need to repeat this process more than once for it to be effective. 

You can also use a product called Barkeepers Friend. It is a mild abrasive that is safe for use on SCANPAN interiors. You will want to create a paste with the Barkeepers Friend and water, and then scrub with a nylon dishwashing brush or scrubby.


What causes the discoloration/residue on the aluminium base of my pan?

The residue on the underside of your pan is caused by a reaction that occurs between aluminium (like the plate on the base of your pan) and chemicals like phosphates commonly found in dishwasher detergents. It’s harmless and won’t impact the performance of the pan, but it can be a nuisance. You can wash it off with a warm, soapy sponge at the sink, and to avoid it in the future, you can do any of the following: 

  • Hand wash your pan instead of putting it in the dishwasher
  • Switch to a phosphate-free dishwasher detergent
  • Continue wiping it off after each dishwasher cycle as needed


My stainless-steel has discoloured, can this be restored?

Stainless-steel will discolour and oxidize after application of heat. Any stainless-steel cleaner can be used to restore the stainless-steel – we like Barkeeper’s Friend, Bon Ami, and other baking-soda based products. You can also create a paste from baking soda and water to restore your stainless-steel’s shine.


What exactly does SCANPAN's warranty cover?

SCANPAN cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Defects include peeling, pitting, and bubbling of the surface and do not include residue build-up, damage due to propellant sprays or accidental damage from dropping.


What's the difference between all the lines? I'm so confused!

SCANPAN cookware comes in many different design configurations, but they have more in common than you might think. There are two basic body constructions – squeeze cast aluminium (Classic, Classic Induction, Pro IQ and TechnIQ) and 5-ply stainless steel-clad with an aluminium core (CTX, HaptIQ). 

There are also only two non-stick surface options, but they’re variations on one another: STRATANIUM is our flagship surface (found on Classic, Classic Induction, Professional, Pro IQ, and CTX) and STRATANIUM+ is our commercial-grade surface that is textured for optimal searing (found on HaptIQ and TechnIQ). Beyond that, our lines are all far more similar than they are different. Here’s what they all have in common:

  • PFOA and PFOS-free
  • Made from recycled aluminium
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees, including lids and handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Metal tool safe
  • Hand crafted in Denmark


Which SCANPAN lines can be used with induction cooktops?

Pro IQ, CTX, HaptIQ, and Classic Induction.


What kind of cooking oils can I use in my SCANPAN cookware?

You can use any kind of cooking oil you like! Never use aerosol cooking sprays - these sprays contain chemicals which burn at very low temperatures and leave residues behind that are difficult and often impossible to remove. Damage/stubborn residue due to cooking spray is not covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Can I cook in SCANPAN cookware without oil?

You sure can! SCANPAN cookware was designed to enable fat free frying while still providing excellent non-stick release. For best results, preheat your pan on low or medium heat for a minute or two before you start cooking, and wait until your food has fully cooked (or is fully cooked on one side in the case of items you intend to flip) before moving it around.


How can I get a good sear on my food if I can only use these pans at medium heat?

Our squeeze cast aluminium pans conduct heat so quickly and efficiently that you’re easily able to achieve a great sear/browning/reduction result on medium heat. Our pans’ fast, even heat distribution with no hot spots ensures you get consistent results.


Will metal utensils scratch my pan?

SCANPAN cookware is safe to use with metal tools because the surface is 10x harder than stainless-steel. The ultra-hard surface encases the whole pan, protecting it from wear and tear. Over time the surface may show cosmetic scuff marks, but these will not breach the surface and will not interfere with the superior non-stick performance of the pan.


Is SCANPAN made out of aluminium?

All our cookware is made with an aluminium core – it’s really important because it conducts and retains heat like a dream and is a key part of what makes us so special! That said, it’s always fully encapsulated by another material and will never come into contact with your food.

We use 100% recycled aluminium in all of our squeeze-cast ranges (Techniq, Pro IQ and Classic Induction).  That could have been your cola can, the beer you had on Friday or similar.  We are also in Denmark, which means that we have strict rules on how we manufacture.  Add that to our effort to be as sustainable as possible and we feel we are doing our bit for the environment.  Why choose SCANPAN? There is no planet B. 


Is SCANPAN cookware safe?

All our cookware utilises our own, special, patented non-stick.  We use a unique process of application, sealing the aluminium core of the pan away from the food that you are about to cook.  The non-stick we use is PFOA/PFOS free at every stage of the production process and has been since 2006. Our Stratanium coating offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  Our previous versions of the coating (GreenTek and NewTek) offered a ten year warranty.  Our agent in the UK can advise more on how long your existing pan coating is covered for, should you need to ask that question.


Is SCANPAN cookware good?

It's beyond good.  We are a family operated business with a great passion for what we do.  We love food and we love to cook.  All our team, many dotted around the world, are passionate foodies.  We produce most of our cookware in Denmark, for this we have certain environmental restrictions that allow us to offer a greener platform to produce cookware.  We use our own non-stick that is called Stratanium and we also offer an enhanced version called Stratanium + (check out the Haptiq and Techniq collections) . We believe we have a fabulous hard wearing non-stick that is built for longevity, not just the first six months of use!  We also know we are lighter than cast iron, well balanced, functional and very good looking (okay we might be slightly biased on the last one).  We offer great heat conduction, including a good spread of heat on the surface of the pan without hotspots (food always cooks evenly).  


Where is SCANPAN cookware made?

We are based in Jutland in Denmark.  A fabulous part of the world that offers a friendly welcome, great food and wonderful culture.  Our offices and factory are based near the beautiful city of Aarhus.  The majority of cookware is proudly made in Denmark.  We also have our knives, tools, Impact, Fusion 5  and Maitre D cookware made for us at SCANPAN Asia, under the guidance of our sourcing team.  We have dealt with many of these factories for a long time and know they comply with our ethical beliefs, especially when it comes to the well-being of the staff, excellent finish and  superior quality of the finished cookware. 


Which SCANPAN cookware is best? 

This is getting personal! Actually it is about getting personal! The choice in cookware is down to how it feels for you, how it looks in your kitchen and how it performs.  Our core ranges are CTX, Pro IQ, Classic Induction and Classic.  These all feature a difference in function and aesthetics.  There are certain pieces that you may love more than others, for example: we are a little obsessed with our roasting pans.  We are very well known for our frying capabilities and for many years have been the go to when it involved talking about healthy cooking, griddles, wok cooking and frying.  You can fry without fat in all our ranges – perfect for the ultra-health conscious! For the rest of us, it’s reassuring that any fats added to food in a SCANPAN are solely for flavour (never to improve the non-stick properties!)


We also offer Haptiq and Techniq.  Our latest ranges, which feature the revolutionary Stratanium+ non-stick coating.  That is our ultimate non-stick… premium grade pans that look amazing, yet... work with added magic.  These have been part of a strong development process with the science of Techniq being stimulated with the input of some very famous Danish chefs. Want to crisp and brown your food to restaurant-level, even with minimal added fat? These are the ranges for you! 


Is SCANPAN a trusted brand?

We are going to be slightly biased on this page.  We offer great cookware, we love food, we are based in beautiful Denmark and we are family operated.  Having been producing cookware since 1956 we feel we have it right. Without arrogance though.  We listen to our community and love developing recipes and new ideas with our friends around the world. 


Who sells SCANPAN cookware?

We sell our cookware in selected stores and cookshops around the country... You can find us in Harrods, you can find us in some smaller retailers around the country and you can purchase online. 


What is the best SCANPAN? 

Hey.... this is similar to the last question about which range? Truthfully, we love the Chef Pan, the Deep Saute Pan and the Roasting Pan.  That is us in the UK anyway! However, most people’s journey here starts with a great Frying Pan, you can tell this from the choice that we have.  Of course no kitchen is complete without a Saucepan or two.  That Deep Saute Pan is one great piece of kit.  We guess it depends on what you use more often that others? If you love cottage pie, lasagne, tray bakes or a giant dessert then you will love our inspirational Roasting Pans.  We have been playing with them in our own kitchens for a fair few years, with great results! Our main recommendation? Start by replacing the shape and size of pan you use the most with a SCANPAN… you’ll never look back!


How good is SCANPAN cookware?

Our cookware is built for everyday use, it is a passionate asset of any foodie.  Investing in great cookware can take time and of course money.  The cookware that we offer you will not make you an overnight chef.  It should make you enjoy cooking more, it should let you try some of those favourite recipes and it will enhance your cooking experience day to day.  All our Stratanium cookware is guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.  Just remember… that doesn't include burning on a patina of fat, overheating it until it dries out or dropping it and bending the pan due to misuse!


How do I season my SCANPAN?

You don't need to season your SCANPAN.  That is for pure cast iron or carbon steel cookware! We ask you to clean your pan thoroughly after every use – also make sure you consider the fats that you use.  Oil or fat can be a non-stick murderer if not used wisely… take butter for example!  Subject to the type it has a flash point (burn point) of around 150C.  Your cookware can go to 260C, so adding butter to a pan that hot will burn the butter in seconds, covering your pan with a patina of blackened fat that needs to be removed quickly.  Even more of a nightmare if you do this time after time! Take a Rapeseed or Nut Oil (avoid if allergic) and you will find this has a higher flash capability, mix with a little butter if you wish to get the best flavours! Try to never use a spray-on low-calorie oil as these, on a hot pan land as a mist of fat that burns even more quickly than butter!


How to cook with SCANPAN?

Heat the pan without any fat or food for a few minutes before you want to start cooking.  Remember we are producing cookware that has great heat conductivity and therefore your pan doesn't need to be on a high temperature for a long time – you’re cooking in search of perfect results now!  Brush food with oil and dry-fry for ultimate searing – otherwise, add the fat just before the food and reduce the heat to medium right away for the best cooking results… experiment!