SCANPAN CTX Frying Pan 28cm


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The SCANPAN CTX frying pan is the right choice for all kinds of cooking, and it also features a non-stick coating called Stratanium that makes clean-up easy. Its curved sides make it easier to use with kitchen utensils and the comfortable handle does not get hot.

The pan is ovenproof up to 250°C with optimum heat distribution, enabling the use of metal utensils for your cooking. Choose SCANPAN CTX for the best premium cookware! 

All SCANPAN CTX has a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects.


  • Stratanium non-stick surface tolerates metal tools 
  • Suitable for all cookers including induction
  • Optimum and even heat distribution 
  • Ovenproof up to 250°C, incl. lid 
  • Made in Denmark 
  • Dishwasher safe  


  • Size- 28cm 
  • Base diameter – 19.6cm 
  • Weight – 1.39kg 
  • Lid not included 

Care & Use 

Before first use: 

  • Remove all labels and wash your product in warm soapy water; dry completely. 
  • If required, assemble the glass knob according to the directions in the user’s guide. 


  • After use, let the product cool off, then wash with warm, soapy water. The product must always be completely clean, before it is put away. 
  • It is not recommended to wash the product in the dishwasher. 

 Taking care of your non-stick cookware: 

  • SCANPAN® products are made for specific purposes; pans for frying, pots and saucepans for boiling, etc. By using the products for the right purposes, you will experience the best performance and longevity of the products. If you use the products for other purposes, they may not perform optimally, and the non-stick coating may be impaired. 

Do not overheat the product. As the aluminium is superior in retaining heat, high heat is unnecessary and it could reduce the non-stick performance. 

  • Do not use oil from aerosol sprays, as this can impair the product’s non-stick coating. 
  • Do not store food in your SCANPAN product. 

Give your non-stick a good life by always cleaning with detergent. Also avoid quick heating and cooling. 


With over 66 years within the industry, SCANPAN always lead the way in innovation and technology, priding themselves on the highest quality, uncompromising cookware. The respect they have for food and our Earth is why they use recycled aluminium. This makes their products the ideal choice for anyone who shares a commitment to lessening our impact on the environment. 

SCANPAN have over ten different ranges to offer - all of which have been created using the famous squeeze cast method. Each range has its own sleek, distinctive design, as well as, ergonomically shaped handles to ensure all cooking experiences are the best they can be. Each product is coated in the SCANPAN unique Stratanium coating - the only non-stick coating that can braise, sea and deglaze when cooking. It is extremely robust, easy to clean, 100% PFOA free and dishwasher safe 

SCANPAN CTX is an exclusive series of pots, pans and saucepans for the more discerning and quality conscious cook. The CTX series is one of the more desirable ranges within Danish cookware due to its special steel and aluminium construction. This gives you uncompromising cookware of premium quality. 

The CTX series has SCANPAN’s patented Stratanium non-stick coating. The products in the CTX series are made up of 5 layers, each with their own unique function – such as steel for optimum durability and aluminium for even heat distribution. 

Choose SCANPAN CTX for premium cookware.