NEW SCANPAN Black Iron 30cm Wok in Sleeve


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The Black Iron wok is meticulously constructed using premium black carbon steel, ensuring long-lasting durability. From stovetop to oven to BBQ to open fire, Black Iron handles high temperatures effortlessly.

A wide base ensures optimum heat conductivity and at the same time the wok rests firmly and safely on the cooktop.


  • Extremely durable black carbon steel
  • Withstands extremely high temperatures 
  • Long stainless steel handle 
  • Functional design for pro kitchens 
  • Seasoned with vegetable oil for better corrosion resistance
  • Induction compatible!


  • Size - 30cm 
  • Base diameter - 15.5cm 
  • Weight - 2.08kg

Before First Use: Season The Pan

  • Natural nonstick effect: As oil is repeatedly heated and polymerises on the pan's surface, it forms a thin layer that helps prevent food from sticking.
  • Enhanced flavours: A well-seasoned pan develops a patina over time, which adds depth and richness to the flavours of your food. It imparts a unique, seasoned taste that enhances your cooking.
  • Corrosion resistance: Seasoning helps protect the iron surface from rust and corrosion. The oil coating acts as a barrier, preventing moisture from coming into direct contact with the iron and causing it to oxidize. 
  • Improved durability: Regular seasoning helps maintain the integrity and longevity of the pan. It helps prevent formation of rust and extends the lifespan of the cookware. 

Use & Care

  • How to fry on a Black Iron Pan: Add a fair amount of cooking oil or butter to the pan and heat until the pan becomes hot. Be aware that heating time is very fast on induction cooktops. Allow the food to form a crisp surface before you move or turn the food. Reduce the heat when the desired crispy surface has been achieved. 
  • Cleaning: Simply wash the pan in hot water. Rub the surface with a stiff brush or sponge.
  • DO NOT...Soak the pan. Wash in a dishwasher. Use dishwashing liquid. Use a metal sponge.